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The Prophets Song is an aggregate of Role Playing games in different universes.

You incarnate a fantastic character whose only limits, aside from the ones fixed inside the different universes, are the ones you give to yourself.

Will you be a master crafter, sought after by all to design the most powerful gear inthe world ? Or a heroic warrior whose deeds will be told along firecamps, and whose only name will bring fear to the most valiant heroes of the realms ? Or maybe a combination of this ?

Only time will tell.

If you need help, you can always come on IRC, in Undernet, in channel #prophets where many players stay. They will be able to give you hints, or other IRC channels for Darks or Lights players. Admins are also available there, as well as in #staxadmin for all problems you may encounter in game.

TPS is divided in 2 kinds of realms : persistent universes and rush ones that are reseted around once every month or two.
Stax is the oldest free world with very strong characters. Pandora is free for all, and Lambe requires a small donation to get access.
Dro, the rush universe, is usualy opened for people that donated at the begining of the session, and after some time it opens to all. Sometimes it's opened to all from the start.
Dro uses special characters, called Hardcore, which are given a +5 bonus in all characteristics at creation, bonus that is not available in the persistent universes. The side effect of a Hardcore character is that when he dies, he cannot be resurrected. Dro is though a very challenging universe where you have only one chance. We'll come back on that matter in the character page section.
You can now proceed to either the Game portal, or the Forum section, or the Game guide section which contains the FAQ, the item descriptions, the skills descriptions etc...

Enter the Game Portal, and off we go.
Read the rules carefuly and proceed to the next page. You will start by creating an account, which is so easy you don't really need any help.

Just input your name, email address and off you go. Since we had problems with people making many accounts with false email addresses, there is no auto-validation. You will need an administrator of the game to validate your account (that allows us to check that you do not already have an account created).
In case you find the process too slow, you can come on IRC, Undernet network, in the channel #staxadmin where someone will help you.

Entering the game and chosing settings

Now you have a user name and a password, enter the Portal.
You will first get the latest news page about what's going on in the game.

On Top left, you may Log off. On Top right are 2 important links that will allow you to customise your profile and check the worlds available on the server. At the bottom of the page, you can "Go to player Account"
Let's start with the Profile.
It holds very important features that will allow you to play the game smoothly and safely.
  • BigBrother
  • records your player's critical activity information
  • Configure your account
  • lets you access the Option page, which is by far the first thing to check out.
    First, change your password.
    Then, describe your connection in case you are many players on the same computer, thus using the same IP address, or behind a proxy, etc...
    Then go to Path Central to configure the way you will handdle images in the game. This is most important in order to speed up game.
    Select Install interface pack to download the zip file with all data. Unzip it on your hard drive and go back to path central to activate all check boxes. We advise you to leave the default settings like they are, all should work fine that way. If you are using Firefox or a Mozila based browser, you must use as a "Path to your TPS folder" the following : file://c:/tps/ and click on the Update link under.
    Also note that you must configure some settings in Firefox to be able to use local images, else that browser internal security prevents that.
    Check the Forum to find articles related to that, or ask on IRC to an admin.
    Once you have ticked all check boxes, select Update just under.
    Go back to your player account by using the Top left link. You are now directed to your player personnal data page, where the different characters you play will be displayed in the different universes.

    Since you most likely haven't donated yet, you will only be able to play the free servers. On the left, the status of the different universes is displayed. When a world is Closed, it means nobody can access it. That happens when maintenance is under way, or in case a problem is detected. The world of Furor, though open, is only accessible to administrators for developement. No use asking for an access there.

    The Server List link allows you to check the different universes' descriptions and see the statistics.

    Creating a character

    Activate your account in the chosen worlds available to you. Let's start with Pandora, a persistent world where it will be easier for you to start since you can be resurrected when you die. Once you have clicked, you will be given some statistics regarding the universe selected, as well as a brief world description.
    Confirm account activation, and you should get :
    Access: You can play 1 character(s) for free.
    # You have an account on this server.
    Now, select top left link to go back to your player account page.

    You may now start the character creation process. Select the Free slot available.
    Now, choose a race you would like to play. (note that in Lambe and Dro, undead races are also available)
    For information about skills, statistics and races, check out the Guide.
    Generaly speaking, you will find out, usualy the hard way, that being a noob is difficult.
    The character creation is an important moment, since it will be hard for you to get statistics points and skill points after.
    Let's make a test.
    You decide to create Elendra, a peaceful woman that intends to be a crafter. Crafting requires good intelligence, dexterity, and empatie to trade in capitols. You also think it's wise to get some skill in Seeking and maybe Woodworking, and since you are not very strong, you elect Long sword as a weapon to be able to carry a shield. Larnithia, North human capitol, will be your home town. You will of course be able to move later on. After selecting all this and validating, you will see:

    The money you recieve as well as the objects depend on the universe you play in. You'll see that by yourself.
    Back to your player account, you can now access your new char and enter the game.

    Notice the information displayed:
    - you are not in any group
    - you have 201 turns
    - you have 1500 movements points
    - you are alive and in the city of Larnithia

    Your turns represent your "action points". You can use them for a variaty of things, like exploring to find monsters or objects, to craft gear, to train, to learn spells.
    The max number of turns you can accumulate is 250. After, you start "loosing" them since you regain turns with time.
    The same is true for Moves, the max being 1500.
    Now click on your char and enter the realm.

    First steps

    While entering, the first you'll notice is you look like a man ! Change that by going in Options, Change character face and select the woman portrait. Not all races have a female image, it's still under development... Now you look like a woman, return to main page (top left link), and let's have a look at the menus.

    Notice the blinking [Discussion]. People are talking nearby. Click on the Chat window link to open a small window where you can talk to others.

    As you can see, these people, represented on the map by the first 2 letters of their character name, are near the capitol, probably hunting some juicy monsters. Notice the different colors, that are associated with the different races.
    Before rushing out, take the time to check the main panel.
    On the Top left, you can see:
  • Your character name
  • Your current activity (iddling - training - working)
  • Your Hit Points
  • Your Mana Points
    On Top Right, you have 2 buttons to end some turns, on which we'll come back a bit later once we have explained the way training and actions work.

    Let's look at the Personal Information:
  • Character Sheet: describes all your attributes
  • Inventory: manage what you carry, what you wear, what you want to store in a town if you build one some day
  • Kill list: displays the monsters you killed, the characters you killed or that killed you
  • Quest: shows the status of the Quests you are doing or have done, given by NPC in capitals or sometimes outside capitols
  • Options: allows to manage the way your character will behave when you do not play (logged off) as well as some other things like ranks (when you are a big guy), character description (do it), and what you do when you find objects (miscellanious settings). The "show kills on facts" shows your name in the global statistics of the game.

    Check your inventory. You will see you have some items equiped, some carried. Your first move is to get gear if you want to survive outside the safety of the capitol walls. With 2 potions and a cotton shirt, you won't go far. You can get information on objects by clicking on them. Options will appear for some items, you'll have to play a bit to understand it better.

    To get gear, you have to go to the Shopkeeper (bottom links in the Environment part of your main page) or you can try the Market Trades where other characters may be selling good at lower prices than the capitol shopkeeper.
    You can negociate prices with players, by talking to them, or by messenging them, but most of the time gear offered on the Market is not very expensive. The Shopkeeper will sell you gear at varying prices, depending on your Empathie.
    Check the potion prices in both places, compare a bit, then buy like 50 healing potions. Remember the Option page ? There, you can set what is called Offline order. If you sleep outside the safety of a cap, you might be attacked, by another character or by monsters if someone comes on your spot. Offline orders will specify when you take a potion to heal yourself. Set for exemple : drink a "Healing potion" when you have lost 16 hit points. That will help you stay alive.

    Still in the Environment section, you can talk to NPC (non playing characters), to start quests, maybe get a free healing, and learn things about the world. It's a good start. You can also view the capitol Politic, who is the current mayor, who stays in the capital, and you can decide to earn money by Working as a mason. Of course, the lower your masonerie skill, the less money you'll earn. But don't worry, you can also train your skills, either alone or with a master.

    That's in the Action section, on the left.
    By clicking on Train a skill, you get access to the list of skills you can train. Also, you will see all characters on the place you are who are mastering in the different skills, for some money of course. Don't forget you learn better with a high intelligence, so you can even drink an intelligence potion before training, it helps when your skill is bellow 200.
    When you'll get better, you can decide to become a Master yourself, always in that menu.

    Under that, you have the Research spell / Cast spell options. Researching a spell available to your race takes turns. All spells curently have 4 levels. When you reach level 4, stop training it it's useless.

    Finaly, the Craftmanship menu allows you to make objects. Check what recipes are available to you considering your different skills, get the tools requiered at the shopkeeper or Market, and have a try. Some advanced recipes require buildings, and thus a town built by players. Talk with other people to know where you can get help, and join a group if you can to get an easier start.

    Now, remember the 2 buttons on top called "End one turn" and "End several turns" ? You can use them to repeat an action you have already selected. For exemple, if you decided to train a skill with a master, let's say Masonerie, you will see under your char portrait that it's now written : "Training Mas (m)". The (m) tells you you are using a master, and that the master is available. If the Master becomes unvailable, you will see (-). If you want to spend more turns on that action, just click on "End several turns", select the amount you want to use, and the action will be repeated. That saves you the time of reselecting it all in the Train a skill menu.

    The mini map menu lets you Take a Look around, which displays a map of what you see around you. It also lets you access the Move menu, which is self explicit. Use the arows on top left in that menu to move where you want. You cannot move everywhere, for exemple in water, or in swamp for most races.
    The Explore link lets you search a place. You may find objects and monsters like this. In capitals, you will only find empty bottles.

    Now to finish, back a bit to the World interaction menu. You can Trade items with people, as long as they are on the same place as you, setting the price you want for the objects. This is different from selling items on the capitol Market, since it's a direct trade to someone, and not an open offer for all to see.

    You also have your Message board, that displays messages sent to you by other people, or automatic messages recieved when you are logged off and get attacked.

    The Diplomacy is one of the most important feature of the Game. Notice it's written default : Peace. That means you won't attack other characters by default, except if you set them to War specificaly in your diplomacy options. You can also change that status and set to default : War. In that case, you'll attack everything (except in capitols where fighting is forbidden). Be very careful with your diplomacy.

    The Group Management page is used if you belong to a group, or if you want to start one yourself, thus being able after to create a town. Talk to other players to get more knowledge on that subject.

    Your are now ready to run everywhere and get killed. Good luck.

    Lord Eliawil.