Terms and conditions
1. This is a free to play game, with a donation system that allows access to other "game worlds", intended only to generate enough money to pay for the hosting of the server(s)

2. This is a non commercial, non profit game.

3. Donating money does not give you any right to affect the way the game or servers are managed. Your only privilege is to be able to access more game worlds.

4. Developers of the game and servers do what they deem in the best interest of the game and the players. It is a courtesy of the developers to ask player's opinions regarding game matters. Ultimately, any decisions are made by developers.

5. Some images used on this game might be copyrighted (always difficult to know if a picture found on the internet is or is not). They were used solely to enhance the game, without any malicious nor any profit intend. Should the owner think it cannot be used, he or she can contact the admin team for a removal by joining Undernet IRC, #staxadmin

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